Location of Kans Quila

Kans Quila: A Historic Fort in Mathura

Kans Quila is a fortified castle located in Mathura, India. The fort is named after Kansa, a king who lived around 6th century BC, in the ancient city of Mathura. Kansa was the maternal uncle of Krishna, a Hindu deity. The fort is believed to be from the age of Mahabharata, about 6th century BC. It is situated on the northern banks of the Yamuna River. The fort is also known as the Old Fort or Purana Quila. Visit during Delhi to Mathura-Vrindavan one day tour package.

Location of Kans Quila

Kans Quila

Kans Quila is located near Krishna Ganga Ghat and Gau Ghat in Mathura. Mathura is a city in the state of Uttar Pradesh, about 160 km south of Delhi. Mathura is a holy city for Hindus, as it is the birthplace of Krishna.

Timing / Entry Fees Kans Quila

Kans Quila is open for visitors from 6 am to 6 pm every day. There is no entry fee for visiting the fort. However, visitors may have to pay a nominal fee for parking their vehicles near the fort.

How to Reach Kans Quila from City Centre

Kans Quila

Kans Quila is about 4 km from the city centre of Mathura. Visitors can reach the fort by various modes of transport, such as:

  • Auto-rickshaw: This is the most common and convenient way to reach the fort from the city centre. Auto-rickshaws are easily available and charge around Rs. 50-100 for a one-way trip.
  • Bus: There are buses that ply between the city centre and the fort at regular intervals. The bus fare is around Rs. 10-20 per person.
  • Taxi: Visitors can also hire a taxi or a cab to reach the fort from the city centre. The taxi fare may vary depending on the distance and traffic, but it usually ranges from Rs. 200-400 for a one-way trip.

Things to Do / Must See Kans Quila

Kans Quila is a historic landmark that offers a glimpse into the ancient and medieval history of Mathura. Some of the things to do and see at the fort are:

  • Explore the ruins of the fort: The fort has a mixture of Hindu and Mughal architectural styles. The fort has an audience hall surrounded by red sandstone pillars. The fort was earlier used as a barrier against floods.
  • Enjoy the view of the Yamuna River: The fort offers a scenic view of the Yamuna River and its surroundings. Visitors can enjoy the breeze and watch the boats and birds on the river.
  • Visit the nearby temples and ghats: The fort is close to several temples and ghats that are associated with Krishna and his childhood. Some of them are Krishna Janmabhoomi Temple, Dwarkadhish Temple, Vishram Ghat, Krishna Ganga Ghat and Gau Ghat.

Significance of Kans Quila

Kans Quila

Kans Quila is a significant place for Hindus, as it is related to the life and legends of Krishna. According to Hindu mythology, Kansa was an evil king who tried to kill Krishna when he was born. He imprisoned his sister Devaki and her husband Vasudeva, and killed their six children one by one. However, when Krishna was born as their seventh child, Vasudeva managed to escape with him and exchanged him with another baby girl in a nearby village. Krishna grew up in that village with his foster parents Nanda and Yashoda. He later returned to Mathura and killed Kansa in a fierce battle at this fort.


Q: When was Kans Quila built?

A: Kans Quila is believed to be built around 6th century BC by Kansa, but it was destroyed and rebuilt several times over the centuries. The last person to rebuild it was Raja Man Singh of Amber in 16th century AD.

Q: Is there an observatory at Kans Quila?

A: No, there is no observatory at the Fort now. It is said that Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh of Jaipur ordered an observatory to be built at the fort in 18th century AD, but it was demolished later.

Q: Is Kans Quila safe for visitors?

A: Yes, Kans Quila is safe for visitors, but they should be careful while walking on the uneven and slippery surfaces of the fort. They should also avoid going near the edges of the fort, as there are no railings or fences.


Kans Quila is a historic fort in Mathura that showcases the ancient and medieval history of the city. It is a place of religious and cultural significance for Hindus, as it is linked to the life and legends of Krishna. It is also a place of scenic beauty, as it overlooks the Yamuna River and its surroundings. Kans Quila is a must-visit place for anyone who wants to experience the heritage and spirituality of Mathura.

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