Saras Bag

Saras Bag: A Beautiful and Relaxing Garden in the City

Saras Bag, which means “Lake Garden”, is a historical site located in the city of Pune in Maharashtra, India. It is a garden that was built by Nanasaheb Peshwa in the 18th century around a natural lake. Saras Bag garden has a temple dedicated to Lord Ganesha, which is also known as Talyatla Ganpati or Ganesh of the Lake. The garden also has fountains, lawns, flower beds, and trees that add to its beauty and charm. The garden is a popular tourist attraction and a picnic spot in Pune. Visit during Pune Local Sightseeing and One day trip From Mumbai.

Location of Saras Bag

Saras Bag

Saras Bag is situated near Swargate, about 4 km from the city center of Pune. It covers an area of about 25 acres and has a circumference of about 1.5 km. The garden has a main entrance gate that leads to the temple and the lake. The garden also offers a panoramic view of the Parvati Hill and the Sinhagad Fort.

Timing/Entry Fees Saras Bag

Saras Bag

The garden is open to visitors from 6 am to 9 pm every day. There is no entry fee for visiting the garden. However, there are charges for boating and parking activities. The boating charges are Rs. 20 per person for a pedal boat and Rs. 50 per person for a motor boat. The parking charges are Rs. 10 for two-wheelers and Rs. 20 for four-wheelers.

How to Reach Saras Bag

Saras Bag

Pune is well connected by road, rail, and air to other major cities in India. The nearest airport is Pune Airport, which is about 15 km from the garden. From there, one can take a taxi or a bus to the garden. The nearest railway station is Pune Railway Station, which is about 5 km from the garden. From there, one can take an auto-rickshaw or a cycle-rickshaw to the garden. Alternatively, one can also hire a car or a bike to explore the city and the garden.

Things to Do/Must See Saras Bag

Saras Bag

Saras Bag is a tranquil and scenic place that offers many things to do and see for the visitors, such as:

  • Visit the temple dedicated to Lord Ganesha and seek his blessings.
  • Enjoy boating on the lake and admire the views of the garden and the hill.
  • Watch the sunrise or sunset over the lake and capture some stunning photographs.
  • Relax on the lawns and enjoy the breeze and the sound of water.
  • Have a picnic on the banks of the lake and savor some local delicacies.

Significance of Saras Bag

Saras Bag is not only a recreational spot but also a historical and religious site. It is a symbol of the legacy and heritage of the Peshwas, who were the prime ministers of the Maratha Empire in the 18th century. It is also a sacred place for the Hindus who believe that Lord Ganesha fulfills their wishes and removes their obstacles. The garden also hosts various cultural events and festivals throughout the year, such as Ganesh Chaturthi, Diwali, etc., that showcase the rich and vibrant culture of Maharashtra.


Some of the frequently asked questions about Saras Bag are:

When was Saras Bag built?

The Bag was built in 1750 by Nanasaheb Peshwa.

What is the meaning of Saras Bag?

The Bag means “Lake Garden”, referring to its location and design.

Who built the temple of Lord Ganesha in Saras Bag?

The temple of Lord Ganesha in The Bag was built by Madhavrao Peshwa in 1774


Saras Bag is a beautiful and relaxing attraction that showcases the history and culture of Pune. It is a perfect place to enjoy nature and relax in the city. It offers a unique experience to witness the harmony between man-made and natural wonders…

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