Tazia Tower

Tazia Tower: A Symbol of Religious Harmony and Diversity

Tazia Tower is a historical site located in the city of Jaisalmer in Rajasthan, India. Tazia Tower is a five-storeyed tower that was built by Muslim craftsmen in the 19th century as a gift to the Hindu ruler of Jaisalmer, Maharawal Berisal Singh. The tower is made of wood and metal and has intricate carvings, balconies, and domes that reflect the Islamic style of architecture.

The tower also has replicas of the tombs of various Muslim saints and prophets that are carried during the Muharram procession. The tower is also known as Badal Mahal or Cloud Palace, as it resembles a cloud floating in the sky. Tazia Tower famous tourist attraction in Jaisalmer, Visit during Jaisalmer Local sightseeing.

Location of Tazia Tower

Tazia Tower

Tazia Tower is situated inside the Badal Palace complex, near Amar Sagar Gate, about 1 km from Jaisalmer Fort. It covers an area of about 500 sq m and has a height of about 40 m. The tower has a main entrance gate that leads to the complex of Badal Palace, which was the residence of the former rulers of Jaisalmer. The tower is located at the center of the complex and can be seen from a distance.

Timing/Entry Fees Tazia Tower

Tazia Tower

The tower is open to visitors from 8 am to 6 pm every day. There is no entry fee for visiting the tower. However, there are charges for camera and video camera usage. The tower also offers guided tours and audio guides for a nominal fee.

How to Reach Tazia Tower

Tazia Tower

Jaisalmer is well connected by road, rail, and air to other major cities in India. The nearest airport is Jodhpur Airport, which is about 300 km away. From there, one can take a taxi or a bus to Jaisalmer. The nearest railway station is Jaisalmer Railway Station, which is about 2 km from the tower. From there, one can take an auto-rickshaw or a cycle-rickshaw to the tower. Alternatively, one can also hire a car or a bike to explore the city and the tower.

Things to Do/Must See Tazia Tower

Tazia Tower

Tazia Tower is a unique and impressive site that offers many things to do and see for the visitors, such as:

  • Admire the architecture and craftsmanship of the tower and learn about its history and significance.
  • Visit the Badal Palace complex and see the other attractions such as Daulat Khana (Treasury), Rang Mahal (Color Palace), Jawahar Vilas (Jewel Palace), etc.
  • Watch the Muharram procession that passes by the tower every year and witness the religious fervor and devotion of the Muslim community.
  • Enjoy the view of the city from the top of the tower and capture some stunning photographs.
  • Experience the cultural diversity and harmony of Jaisalmer that is reflected in the tower.

Significance of Tazia Tower

Tazia Tower is not only a historical site but also a religious and cultural site. It is a symbol of the friendship and respect between Hindus and Muslims that has been maintained for centuries in Jaisalmer. It is also a showcase of the skill and talent of the Muslim craftsmen who created this masterpiece of wood and metal. The tower also represents the festive spirit and traditions of Rajasthan that are celebrated with joy and enthusiasm.


When was Tazia Tower built?

The Tower was built in 1886 by Muslim craftsmen as a gift to Maharawal Berisal Singh.

What is the meaning of Tazia?

Tazia means “a replica of a tomb”, referring to its design and purpose.

Who are the saints and prophets whose tombs are replicated in The Tower?

Some of the saints and prophets whose tombs are replicated in Tazia Tower are Imam Hussain, Imam Hasan, Hazrat Ali, etc.


Tazia Tower is a beautiful and majestic attraction that showcases the history and culture of Jaisalmer. It is a perfect place to witness the glory and grandeur of Rajasthan’s rulers and craftsmen and to experience their beauty and elegance. It offers a unique experience to witness the harmony between man-made and natural wonders…

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