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Vardheshwar Temple, Omkareshwar: A Sacred Destination for Shiva Devotees

Omkareshwar is a small island in the Narmada river, located in the Khandwa district of Madhya Pradesh. It is one of the 12 Jyotirlingas, or sacred sites of Lord Shiva, in India. The island is shaped like the sacred symbol of Om, and hence the name Omkareshwar. The island has two main temples: Omkareshwar Mahadev and Vardheshwar Mahadev. In this article, we will focus on the Vardheshwar temple, which is also known as Mamleshwar or Amareshwar. Visit omkareshwar duting one day trip from Indore and Bhopal.

Vardheshwar Temple Location/ Timing and Entry Fees

Vardheshwar Temple

The Vardheshwar temple is situated on the south bank of the Narmada river, opposite to the Omkareshwar temple. It can be reached by a boat ride from the main ghat of Omkareshwar. The temple is open from 5 am to 9 pm every day. There is no entry fee for visiting the temple, but devotees can offer donations or perform rituals at the temple premises.

Things to Do/ Must See Vardheshwar Temple

Gauri Somnath Temple

The Vardheshwar temple is a beautiful example of ancient architecture and craftsmanship. The temple has a simple but elegant structure, with a shikhara (spire) and a mandapa (hall). The sanctum sanctorum houses a lingam (symbol of Shiva) made of black stone, which is believed to be swayambhu (self-manifested). The lingam is adorned with flowers and vermilion, and worshipped with milk, water, honey and other offerings.

The temple also has a Nandi (bull) statue at the entrance, which is the vehicle of Lord Shiva. The temple walls are decorated with carvings of various deities and scenes from Hindu mythology. The temple complex also has a small pond, where devotees can take a dip or perform ablutions.

The Vardheshwar temple is not only a place of worship, but also a place of peace and tranquility. The temple offers a panoramic view of the Narmada river and the surrounding hills. The sound of the river and the chants of the priests create a soothing atmosphere for meditation and contemplation. The temple is also a witness to many festivals and celebrations throughout the year, such as Mahashivaratri, Shravan Maas, Kartik Purnima and Narmada Jayanti.

How to Reach Vardheshwar Temple

Omkareshwar Temple

Omkareshwar is well connected by road and rail to major cities in Madhya Pradesh and nearby states. The nearest railway station is Omkareshwar Road, which is about 12 km from the island. The nearest airport is Indore, which is about 77 km from Omkareshwar. From there, one can take a bus or a taxi to reach Omkareshwar. Alternatively, one can also take a boat ride from Mortakka or Barwah to reach Omkareshwar.

Significance of Vardheshwar Temple

The Vardheshwar temple is one of the most sacred and revered temples of Lord Shiva in India. It is believed that Lord Shiva himself appeared here as a lingam and blessed his devotees. According to legend, once there was a great war between the gods and the demons. The gods were losing the battle and sought refuge in Omkareshwar. Lord Shiva came to their rescue and defeated the demons with his trident (trishul). He then stayed here as a lingam and became known as Vardheshwar or Mamleshwar.

The Vardheshwar temple is also associated with many other legends and stories. One of them is that of King Mandhata, who was a great devotee of Lord Shiva. He performed penance here for many years and attained salvation. Another legend is that of Adi Shankaracharya, who visited this temple and composed his famous hymn “Shivoham” (I am Shiva) here.

The Vardheshwar temple is not only a place of historical and religious importance, but also a place of spiritual significance. It is believed that anyone who visits this temple with faith and devotion will be blessed with happiness, prosperity and liberation.


Q: What is the best time to visit Omkareshwar and Vardheshwar temple?

A: Omkareshwar and Vardheshwar temple can be visited throughout the year, but the best time is from October to March, when the weather is pleasant and the river is calm.

Q: What are the other attractions near Omkareshwar and Vardheshwar temple?

A: Omkareshwar and Vardheshwar temple are surrounded by many other attractions, such as Siddhanath temple, Gauri Somnath temple, Parikrama path, Narmada kund, Omkar Mandhata temple, Ahilya fort and Maheshwar.

Q: What are the facilities available at Omkareshwar and Vardheshwar temple?

A: Omkareshwar and Vardheshwar temple have basic facilities such as drinking water, toilets, cloak rooms, shops and restaurants. There are also many hotels and guest houses nearby for accommodation.


The Vardheshwar temple is a must-visit destination for anyone who loves Lord Shiva or wants to experience the divine energy of Omkareshwar. The temple is a treasure trove of ancient art and culture, as well as a source of inspiration and enlightenment. The temple is also

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