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Best 10 Places to visit in Coorg : Exploring the Natural Splendor of Coorg

Introduction: In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the best 10 places to visit in Coorg, unraveling their significance, accessibility, and the myriad experiences they offer to visitors. Coorg, also known as Kodagu, is a picturesque hill station nestled in the Western Ghats of Karnataka, India. Visit during One Day Coorg Sightseeing Trip By Private Cab.

Renowned for its lush greenery, mist-covered hills, and coffee plantations, Coorg offers a serene retreat for travelers seeking solace amidst nature’s bounty. With its rich cultural heritage, diverse flora and fauna, and warm hospitality, Coorg has emerged as a popular destination for tourists and nature enthusiasts alike. Best 10 Places to visit in Mysore : Explore Majestic Mysore

Overview of Coorg :

Sri Omkareshwara Temple, Best 10 Places to visit in Coorg

Coorg holds immense importance as a tourist destination, attracting travelers with its scenic beauty, cultural heritage, and adventurous activities. Known as the “Scotland of India,” Coorg boasts a rich history dating back to ancient times, with mentions in epic tales like the Mahabharata. The region’s tranquil ambiance, misty landscapes, and vibrant culture make it a sought-after destination for those seeking to unwind amidst nature’s splendor.

How to Reach Coorg:

Abbey Fall
  • By Air: The nearest airport to Coorg is Mangalore International Airport, located approximately 160 kilometers away. From Mangalore, visitors can hire a taxi or take a bus to reach Coorg, which takes around 3-4 hours depending on the traffic. Alternatively, travelers can fly to Kempegowda International Airport in Bangalore, which is around 265 kilometers away, and then proceed to Coorg by road.
  • By Train: The nearest railway station to Coorg is Mysore Junction Railway Station, situated around 120 kilometers away. However, Mysore Junction has limited connectivity, with only a few trains operating. The major railway station near Coorg is Mangalore Railway Station, which is approximately 140 kilometers away. From Mangalore, visitors can hire a taxi or take a bus to reach Coorg.
  • By Road: Coorg enjoys good road connectivity, with well-maintained highways linking it to major cities like Bangalore, Mysore, and Mangalore. State-run buses, private taxis, and self-driving are popular options for traveling to Coorg by road, with regular bus services operating from cities like Bangalore, Mysore, and Mangalore.

Best Time to Visit Coorg :

Significance of Gaddige (Raja’s Tomb)

The best time to visit Coorg is during the winter months, from October to March, when the weather is pleasant and conducive to outdoor activities and sightseeing. The cool temperatures, clear skies, and blooming flora make it ideal for exploring the region’s natural attractions, trekking through the hills, and indulging in coffee plantation tours.

Best Things to Do Coorg :

Gaddige Royal tomb Madikeri Coorg
  • Trek through the lush greenery of the Western Ghats and explore the scenic trails of Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary, home to diverse flora and fauna, including rare species of birds, butterflies, and mammals.
  • Discover the art of coffee cultivation on a plantation tour and learn about the process of growing, harvesting, and processing coffee beans amidst the picturesque landscapes of Coorg’s coffee estates.
  • Experience the thrill of white water rafting on the gushing waters of the Barapole River, one of the most popular adventure activities in Coorg, offering adrenaline-pumping rapids and breathtaking scenery.
  • Visit the historic Madikeri Fort, a 17th-century fort built by Tipu Sultan, and explore its ancient ramparts, stone structures, and colonial-era architecture, offering panoramic views of the surrounding hills.
  • Relax amidst the serene surroundings of Abbey Falls, a picturesque waterfall cascading down rocky cliffs amidst lush greenery, offering a tranquil retreat for nature lovers and photographers alike.

Best 10 Places to visit in Coorg:

Best tour Package of Coorg


Q: Is Coorg safe for tourists?

A: Coorg is generally safe for tourists, with a low crime rate and friendly locals. However, like any other destination, it’s advisable to exercise caution, especially during outdoor activities and treks, and follow safety guidelines provided by local authorities.

Q: What are the must-try dishes in Coorg?

A: Coorg offers a variety of traditional Kodava cuisine, with specialties like pandi curry (pork curry), kadambuttu (rice dumplings), neer dosa, and akki roti being popular among visitors. Additionally, don’t miss sampling Coorgi coffee and homemade chocolates during your visit to the hill station.

Q: Are there any cultural events or festivals to experience in Coorg?

A: Yes, Coorg hosts several cultural events and festivals throughout the year, including the Kodava Dance Festival, Cauvery Shankaramana, and Puthari Festival, which showcase the region’s rich cultural heritage and traditions.


Coorg, with its verdant landscapes, adventurous activities, and rich cultural heritage, offers a rejuvenating escape amidst nature’s embrace. Whether you’re trekking through the wilderness of Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary, savoring the aroma of freshly brewed coffee on a plantation tour, or experiencing the thrill of white water rafting on the Barapole River, Coorg captivates the senses and leaves a lasting impression. With this guide to the best 10 places to visit in Coorg, you’re ready to embark on an unforgettable journey of exploration and discovery in this enchanting hill station, where every moment is a celebration of nature’s wonders.

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