Shri Laxmi Narasimha Temple

Shri Laxmi Narasimha Temple, Hampi: Embracing Divine Serenity Amidst Ancient Ruins

Introduction: Nestled amidst the ancient ruins of Hampi, the Shri Laxmi Narasimha Temple stands as a beacon of spiritual tranquility and architectural marvel. Dedicated to Lord Narasimha, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, this sacred shrine mesmerizes visitors with its awe-inspiring sculpture and profound sense of divinity. Join us as we embark on a journey to explore the timeless charm and spiritual significance of the Shri Laxmi Narasimha Temple in Hampi. Visit during One Day Hampi Sightseeing Trip – Visit Famous UNESCO Site

Overview of Shri Laxmi Narasimha Temple:

Shri Laxmi Narasimha Temple

The Shri Laxmi Narasimha Temple is a revered Hindu shrine located in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Hampi, Karnataka, India. Adorned with intricate carvings and sculptural brilliance, the temple pays homage to Lord Narasimha, the half-man, half-lion manifestation of Lord Vishnu, symbolizing protection and courage.

Location of Shri Laxmi Narasimha Temple:

The temple is situated within the expansive complex of Hampi, an ancient city renowned for its archaeological treasures and historical significance. Its precise coordinates are 15.3350° N latitude and 76.4621° E longitude.

Timing/Entry Fees Shri Laxmi Narasimha Temple:

Shri Laxmi Narasimha Temple

The Shri Laxmi Narasimha Temple welcomes visitors every day from dawn to dusk, allowing devotees and tourists to experience its divine ambiance and architectural splendor. There are no entry fees to visit the temple, making it accessible to all who seek spiritual solace and cultural enlightenment.

How to Reach Shri Laxmi Narasimha Temple:

Shri Laxmi Narasimha Temple
  1. By Road: Hampi is well-connected by roadways, and visitors can reach the temple complex by private vehicles, state-run buses, or taxis from nearby towns and cities.
  2. By Rail: The nearest railway station is Hospet Junction, located approximately 13 kilometers from Hampi. From there, visitors can hire local transportation or take auto-rickshaws to reach the temple.
  3. By Foot: Many tourists prefer to explore the ruins of Hampi on foot, immersing themselves in the rich heritage and architectural wonders of the ancient city while making their way to the temple.

Things to Do Shri Laxmi Narasimha Temple:

Shri Laxmi Narasimha Temple
  1. Offer Prayers: Pay homage to Lord Narasimha and seek blessings for prosperity, courage, and divine protection amidst the serene ambiance of the temple.
  2. Admire Architecture: Marvel at the exquisite architecture and intricate carvings adorning the temple, showcasing the artistic brilliance of ancient craftsmen and sculptors.
  3. Explore Surroundings: Wander through the archaeological ruins surrounding the temple complex, unraveling the mysteries of Hampi’s glorious past and cultural heritage.

Nearest Tourist Places Shri Laxmi Narasimha Temple:

Significance/History of Shri Laxmi Narasimha Temple:

The Shri Laxmi Narasimha Temple holds profound significance as a sacred pilgrimage site dedicated to Lord Narasimha, an embodiment of divine strength and protection in Hindu mythology. Built during the Vijayanagara Empire’s reign, the temple stands as a testament to Hampi’s rich cultural heritage and architectural legacy.


Is photography allowed inside the temple complex?

Yes, photography for personal use is generally permitted within the temple complex. However, visitors are advised to be respectful of sacred spaces and refrain from using flash photography during worship hours.

Are there facilities available for devotees at the temple?

Basic amenities such as restrooms, drinking water facilities, and shoe racks are available near the temple complex for devotees’ convenience.

Can visitors participate in religious rituals at the temple?

Yes, visitors are welcome to participate in religious rituals and offerings at the temple, seeking blessings and divine grace from Lord Narasimha.


The Shri Laxmi Narasimha Temple, nestled amidst the ancient ruins of Hampi, beckons devotees and travelers alike to experience the divine presence and architectural grandeur of this sacred shrine. With its rich history, spiritual significance, and serene ambiance, the temple offers a sanctuary for introspection, prayer, and cultural exploration amidst the enchanting landscapes of Hampi. Plan your visit to the Shri Laxmi Narasimha Temple today and embark on a soul-stirring journey of spiritual enlightenment and architectural marvels in the heart of Hampi.

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