Kundmala Famous Tourist Attraction Near Pune

Location of Kundmala

Kundmala is a natural attraction and a picnic spot located in Begadewadi near Talegaon Dabhade in Pune district of Maharashtra, India It is situated on the banks of the Indrayani River, about 40 km from Pune city It is a place where the flowing water of the river has created multiple kunds (pools) of various sizes and shapes, Kundmala is famous tourist attraction near Pune, Visit during Pune to Dehu-Alandi One day trip By Cab

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Opening Timing/ Entry Fees Kundmala

Kundmala is open for visitors from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm every day. There is no entry fee for visiting The kunds (pools) . However, visitors are expected to pay a nominal parking fee at the nearby parking lot

Things to Do /Must See Kundmala


Kundmala is a place of scenic and adventurous beauty. Visitors can do the following things at Kundmala:

  • Enjoy the view of the Kundmala waterfall, which is formed by the Indrayani River cascading into rocky gorges. The waterfall is parallel to the road and can be seen from a distance. The waterfall also has a small temple of Kundrai Mata on one of the huge boulders overlooking it
  • Explore the kunds (pools) that are created by the water flowing through the potholes in the rocks. The kunds are of different sizes, depths and shapes. Some of them are big enough to swim in, while some are small and shallow. The kunds are also surrounded by lush greenery and offer a refreshing experience
  • Cross the bridge that is built over the river and offers fantastic views of the waterfall and the kunds. The bridge is an exciting experience as it sways slightly with the wind and the water. The bridge also leads to a small island where there is a statue of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj
  • Relax under the shade of trees that are lined along the banks of the river. Kundmala is a serene and peaceful place where one can enjoy nature and listen to the sound of water. Kundmala is also a popular place for cyclists who come here for a ride along the river

Significance of Kundmala


Kundmala is considered to be a unique and rare phenomenon of nature where the water has carved out potholes in the rocks and formed pools of different shapes and sizes. The kunds (pools) is also a place of religious importance as it has a temple of Kundrai Mata, who is believed to be the kuldevi (family deity) of many locals and villagers. The kunds (pools) is also a place of historical importance as it has a statue of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, who was a great warrior and king of the Maratha Empire



Q: How to reach Kundmala?

A: The kunds (pools) can be reached by road, rail, or air. The nearest airport is Pune International Airport, which is about 40 km away from The kunds (pools). The nearest railway station is Begadewadi Railway Station, which is about 3 km away from The kunds (pools). From Pune or Mumbai, one can take a bus, taxi, or auto-rickshaw to reach Kundmala. The kunds (pools)is also well connected by road to other cities in Maharashtra and India

Q: When is the best time to visit Kundmala?

A: The best time to visit The kunds (pools) is from June to September, when the monsoon season brings abundant water to the Indrayani River and makes the waterfall and the kunds more lively and beautiful. This is also the time when Kundmala attracts many tourists and picnickers who come here to enjoy nature and adventure. However, one can visit The kunds (pools) anytime of the year as it has a scenic and natural beauty throughout the year

Q: What are the rules and regulations for visiting Kundmala?

A: Visitors are expected to follow some rules and regulations while visiting The kunds (pools). These include:
Dressing appropriately and respectfully as The kunds (pools) is a natural and religious place.
Not consuming alcohol, meat, or eggs near The kunds (pools) as it is a vegetarian area.
Not littering or polluting The kunds (pools) or its surroundings.
Not taking photographs or videos of people bathing or swimming in the kunds without their permission.
Respecting the local culture and customs and not disturbing the peace and harmony of the place


Kundmala is a must-visit destination for anyone who wants to experience the natural and adventurous beauty of the Indrayani River and its potholes and pools. Kundmala offers a scenic and refreshing view of nature as well as a place where one can enjoy water activities and relaxation. The kunds (pools) is also a place where one can find religious and historical significance and learn about the culture and traditions of the locals. The kunds (pools) is a place where one can find fun, thrill, and tranquility.

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