Chaturshrungi Temple

Chaturshrungi Temple Pune: A Sacred and Scenic Destination

Chaturshrungi Temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to Goddess Chaturshrungi, also known as Goddess Ambareshwari. She is considered as the presiding deity of the city of Pune and a symbol of power and faith. The temple is located on the slope of a hill on Senapati Bapat Road, in the midst of nature’s scenic beauty. Chaturshrungi Temple is said to have been built during the reign of the Maratha king Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and is looked after by Chaturshrungi Devasthan Trust. Visit during Pune local sightseeing by cab

Location of Chaturshrungi Temple

Chaturshrungi Temple
Chaturshrungi Temple

The temple is situated on a mountain with four peaks, hence the name Chaturshrungi (meaning four-horned). The temple is about 90 feet high and 125 feet wide and can be seen from a distance. The temple is about 12 km from Pune railway station and 16 km from Pune airport. There are buses, taxis and auto-rickshaws available to reach the temple from different parts of the city.

Timing of Chaturshrungi Temple

Chaturshrungi Temple
Chaturshrungi Temple

The temple is open every day from 9:00 am to 9:30 pm. The temple timings may vary during festivals and special occasions. The best time to visit the temple is during Navratri, when a grand fair is held at the foothills and thousands of devotees throng to worship the Goddess.

How to Reach Chaturshrungi Temple

One has to climb more than 170 steps to reach the shrine of Goddess Chaturshrungi. The steps are well-maintained and have railings for support. There are also shops selling flowers, coconuts, sweets and other offerings along the way. The climb may be tiring for some people, especially senior citizens and children, but the view from the top is worth it.

Things to Do / Must See Chaturshrungi Temple

Chaturshrungi Temple
Chaturshrungi Temple

The main attraction of the temple is the idol of Goddess Chaturshrungi, which is a natural statue (swayambhu devi) carved out of a rock. The idol is adorned with jewellery and clothes and has four faces and twelve arms, each holding a weapon. The idol is believed to have appeared in a dream of a devout merchant named Durlabhsheth Pitambardas Mahajan, who was unable to visit her original temple at Vani due to old age. The Goddess told him to dig at a certain place on the hill and he found her statue there. He then constructed the temple at that spot.

Apart from the main idol, there are also temples of Goddess Durga and Lord Ganesh in the temple premises. These include eight miniature idols of Ashtavinayaka, the eight forms of Lord Ganesh worshipped in Maharashtra. These small temples are located on four separate hillocks around the main temple.

The temple also offers a panoramic view of the city and its surroundings. One can see the lush green hills, the busy roads, the skyscrapers and the sunset from the temple. The temple is also illuminated with lights at night, creating a mesmerizing sight.

Significance of Chaturshrungi Temple

Chaturshrungi Temple3
Chaturshrungi Temple

The temple is one of the most revered and visited temples in Pune. It is believed that Goddess Chaturshrungi fulfills the wishes of her devotees who pray with devotion and sincerity. Many people visit the temple to seek her blessings for health, wealth, success and happiness. The temple is also a place of cultural and social activities, where various festivals, rituals, ceremonies and programs are organized throughout the year.

The most important festival celebrated at the temple is Navratri, which falls in September or October every year. Navratri means nine nights and is dedicated to Goddess Durga and her nine forms. During this festival, the temple is decorated with flowers, lights and flags and various cultural events such as music, dance, drama and bhajans are performed by local artists. A special feature of this festival is the Navchandi Yagya, which is a fire sacrifice performed by priests for nine days to invoke the Goddess’s power and grace.

Another festival celebrated at the temple is Chaitra Purnima, which falls in March or April every year. This festival marks the birthday of Goddess Chaturshrungi and is celebrated with great fervor by her devotees. A procession (palkhi) carrying her idol is taken out from the temple to various parts of the city and then brought back

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