Kasol Bridge

Kasol Bridge: A Scenic Spot to Enjoy the Parvati Valley

Kasol Bridge is a wooden bridge that connects the Old and the New Kasol in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh. The bridge is situated over the Parvati River, which flows through the Parvati Valley. The bridge offers a stunning view of the river, the valley and the snow-capped mountains. The bridge is a popular spot for tourists and locals to enjoy the natural beauty and the peaceful atmosphere of Kasol. Visit during Kullu-Manikaran Local sightseeing. In this article, we will explore the location, timing, entry fees, significance, things to do, and FAQs of this bridge.

Overview of Kasol Bridge

Kasol Bridge

Kasol Bridge is a simple yet charming structure that spans across the Parvati River. The bridge is made of wood and metal and has railings on both sides. The bridge is about 50 metres long and 2 metres wide. The bridge is a part of the Manikaran-Kasol road and can be accessed by foot or by vehicle. The bridge is surrounded by pine trees, cafes, shops and guesthouses. The bridge is also a starting point for many treks and hikes in and around Kasol.

Location of Kasol Bridge

Kasol Bridge

Kasol Bridge is located on the Manikaran-Kasol road, about 4 km from Kasol town and 45 km from Kullu town. It is easily accessible by road from Kasol town and other nearby places. The nearest airport is at Bhuntar, which is about 35 km from the bridge. The nearest railway station is at Joginder Nagar, which is about 125 km from the bridge.

Timing / Entry Fees Kasol Bridge

Kasol Bridge

The bridge is open for visitors throughout the year. There is no entry fee for visiting the bridge. However, parking charges may apply for vehicles.

Significance of Kasol Bridge

Kasol Bridge

The bridge is a significant spot for enjoying the scenic beauty and the serene vibe of Kasol. The bridge offers a panoramic view of the Parvati River, which is known for its clear water and trout fish. The bridge also offers a splendid view of the Parvati Valley, which is known for its lush greenery and diverse flora and fauna. The bridge also offers a glimpse of the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas, which are visible on a clear day. The bridge is also a significant spot for adventure seekers who want to explore the various treks and hikes in and around Kasol.

Things to Do / Must See Kasol Bridge

Kasol Bridge
  • Enjoy the view of the Parvati River and listen to its soothing sound as it flows under the bridge.
  • Enjoy the view of the Parvati Valley and spot various birds and animals such as monkeys, langurs, magpies etc.
  • Enjoy the view of the Himalayan peaks and capture some amazing photos of them.
  • Explore the Old and the New Kasol on both sides of the bridge and visit their cafes, shops and guesthouses.
  • Explore the nearby villages such as Chalal, Rasol, Malana etc. by crossing their respective bridges over the Parvati River.
  • Explore the nearby attractions such as Manikaran (a holy place for Hindus and Sikhs), Shiv Temple (a Hindu shrine), Gurudwara Manikaran Sahib (a Sikh shrine), Hot Springs (natural hot water springs) etc.
  • Explore the nearby treks such as Kheerganga Trek (a trek to a hot water spring), Tosh Trek (a trek to a picturesque village), Sar Pass Trek (a trek to a high altitude pass), Pin Parvati Trek (a trek to a challenging pass) etc.


Q: What is the best time to visit Kasol Bridge?

A: The best time to visit Kasol Bridge is during the summer months of May and June or during the winter months of November and December, when the weather is pleasant and the valley is in full bloom or covered with snow.

Q: Is photography allowed on Kasol Bridge?

A: Yes, photography is allowed on Kasol Bridge. However, one should be careful while taking photos as the bridge may be slippery or crowded.

Q: Are there any accommodation options near Kasol Bridge?

A: Yes, there are many accommodation options near Kasol Bridge such as homestays, guesthouses, cottages, resorts and campsites. You can choose according to your budget and preference.

Q: Are there any eateries or shops near Kasol Bridge?

A: Yes, there are many eateries and shops near Kasol Bridge that offer local and international cuisines and souvenirs.


Kasol Bridge is a scenic spot to enjoy the Parvati Valley and its natural beauty. It is a perfect spot for nature lovers and adventure seekers who want to experience the charm and the vibe of Kasol. It is a must-visit destination for anyone who wants to witness the beauty and diversity of Kullu valley.

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