Alibag Beach

Alibag Beach: A Popular and Picturesque Destination

Alibag is a coastal town in Maharashtra, famous for its beaches, forts, and temples. One of the most popular and picturesque attractions of Alibag is the Alibag Beach, which is a black-sand beach that offers the panoramic sight of the Colaba Fort from the shores. It is also known for its scenic views of sunrise and sunset, and its various water sports activities. If you are looking for a relaxing and fun-filled experience in Alibag, you should definitely visit the Alibag Beach. Visit during Alibag one day tour by cab

Alibag Beach: Location/ How to Reach/ Timing and Entry Fees

Alibag Beach

The Alibag Beach is located in the heart of the town, about 2 km from the Alibag Bus Stand. It can be easily reached by road or by rail from Mumbai and Pune. The nearest railway station is Pen, which is about 30 km away. The nearest airport is Mumbai, which is about 100 km away.

Alibag Beach is open every day from 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM. There is no entry fee for visiting the beach. However, you may have to pay for parking your vehicle at a nearby place. The parking charges vary depending on the type of vehicle and the duration of parking.

Things To Do / Must See Alibag Beach:

Alibag Beach

Alibag Beach has a lot to offer for nature and adventure lovers. You can enjoy the following activities at the beach:

  • Watch the sunrise and sunset: The beach offers a splendid view of the rising and setting sun over the horizon. You can witness the changing colors of the sky and the sea as you relax on the sand or take a stroll along the shore.
  • Visit the Colaba Fort: The beach offers a clear view of the Colaba Fort, which is an ancient maritime base situated in the sea. You can reach the fort by boat or by walking through the sea water during low tide. The fort has several historical and cultural attractions such as temples, wells, cannons, and sculptures.
  • Try water sports: The beach is a hub for various water sports activities such as jet skiing, parasailing, banana boat ride, bumper ride, etc. You can have a thrilling and fun-filled experience in the sea with these activities. The charges vary depending on the type of activity and the duration of ride.
  • Enjoy horse cart and camel ride: The beach also offers horse cart and camel ride for those who want to explore the beach in a different way. You can ride on these animals along the shore and enjoy the breeze and the scenery. The charges vary depending on the type of animal and the distance covered.
  • Shop for souvenirs: The beach has several stalls and shops that sell souvenirs such as keychains, magnets, t-shirts, hats, etc. You can buy some memorabilia of your visit to Alibag from these shops.

Significance of Alibag Beach:

Alibag Beach

The Alibag Beach has a significance that dates back to the 17th century. It was one of the main ports of trade and commerce during the Maratha rule. It was also one of the chief naval stations of Shivaji Maharaj, who built several forts along the coast to protect his territory from foreign invaders. The beach also witnessed several battles and sieges between the Marathas and the British until it was finally captured by the British in 1842.

Alibag Beach

The beach is also a symbol of natural beauty and cultural diversity as it attracts people from different backgrounds and regions. The beach also hosts various festivals and events such as Ganesh Chaturthi, Holi, Diwali, etc.


Can I stay near the beach?

Yes, there are many hotels and resorts near the beach that offer comfortable and affordable accommodation. You can also find some homestays and cottages that provide a homely and cozy atmosphere.

What are the other attractions near the beach?

Apart from the Colaba Fort, you can also visit some other attractions near the beach such as the Alibag Fort, the Varsoli Beach, the Nagaon Beach, the Kihim Beach, the Kanakeshwar Temple, etc.

What are the best times to visit the beach?

The best times to visit the beach are from October to March, when the weather is pleasant and cool. You can also visit the beach during monsoon season from June to September, when the beach becomes more green and serene. However, you should avoid visiting the beach during summer season from April to May, when the temperature is very high and humid.

What are the safety measures to follow at the beach?

You should follow some safety measures at the beach such as: Do not swim in the sea water if you are not confident or trained.
Do not go too far into the sea or near the rocks as there may be strong currents or waves.
Do not litter or pollute the beach or the sea as it may harm the environment and the marine life.
Do not indulge in any illegal or immoral activities at the beach as it may offend the locals and the authorities.
Do not leave your valuables unattended at the beach as there may be theft or robbery.


The Alibag Beach is a popular and picturesque destination that offers a relaxing and fun-filled experience for all ages. It is a perfect place to enjoy nature, history, culture, and adventure. It is also a convenient place to visit from Mumbai and Pune as it is well-connected by road and rail. So next time you are in Alibag, don’t miss this opportunity to visit this amazing beach.

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