Bangalore Palace

Bangalore Palace, Bangalore: Famous Royal Heritage in the Garden City

Bangalore, also known as Bengaluru, is the capital city of Karnataka and one of the most popular destinations in India. The city is known for its pleasant climate, cosmopolitan culture, and vibrant nightlife. But apart from these modern attractions in Bangalore, visit during Bangalore Sightseeing package, Bangalore also has a rich history and heritage that can be explored through its monuments and landmarks. One of the most prominent and impressive among them is the Bangalore Palace.

Location of Bangalore Palace

Bangalore Palace

The Bangalore Palace is located in the heart of the city, in the Palace Gardens area. It is easily accessible by public transport, such as buses, metro, auto-rickshaws, and taxis. The nearest metro station is Cubbon Park, which is about 3 km away from the palace. The palace is also close to other tourist attractions, such as Vidhana Soudha, Cubbon Park, Lalbagh Botanical Garden, and Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace.

Timing/Entry Fees Bangalore Palace

Bangalore Palace is open to visitors from 10 am to 5:30 pm on all days of the week. The entry fee for Indian nationals is Rs. 230 per person, while for foreign nationals it is Rs. 460 per person. The fee includes an audio guide that provides information about the history and architecture of the palace. There is also a camera fee of Rs. 685 for still cameras and Rs. 1485 for video cameras.

How to Reach Bangalore Palace

Bangalore Palace

Bangalore Palace can be reached by various modes of transport from different parts of the city. Here are some of the options:

  • By Bus: There are several buses that ply to and from the palace from various bus stops in the city. Some of the bus numbers are 96, 96A, 96B, 96C, 96D, 96E, 96F, 96G, 96H, and 96J.
  • By Metro: The nearest metro station to the palace is Cubbon Park, which is on the Green Line of the Namma Metro. From there, one can take an auto-rickshaw or a taxi to reach the palace.
  • By Auto-Rickshaw/Taxi: Auto-rickshaws and taxis are easily available in the city and can be hired to reach the palace. The fare may vary depending on the distance and traffic conditions.
  • By Car: The palace has a parking facility for visitors who come by their own vehicles. The parking fee is Rs. 50 for two-wheelers and Rs. 100 for four-wheelers.

Things to Do/Must See Bangalore Palace

Bangalore Palace

The palace is a magnificent structure that showcases the splendor and elegance of the royal lifestyle of the Wodeyar dynasty, who ruled Mysore from 1399 to 1950. The palace was built in 1878 by Chamaraja Wodeyar, inspired by the Windsor Castle in England. The palace covers an area of about 45,000 square feet and has several rooms, halls, courtyards, gardens, and galleries that display various artifacts and paintings belonging to the royal family.

Some of the things to do and must see in the palace are:

  • Admire the architecture and design of the palace, which blends Tudor and Gothic styles with Indian elements.
  • Explore the Durbar Hall, which was used for ceremonial occasions and public gatherings by the king. The hall has a high ceiling with wooden beams and chandeliers, a huge elephant head mounted on the wall, and a throne made of silver and gold.
  • Visit the Ballroom, which was used for hosting parties and dances by the royal family and their guests. The ballroom has a wooden floor with intricate patterns, a grand piano, and a gallery with portraits of the kings and queens.
  • See the collection of paintings in the palace, which includes works by Raja Ravi Varma, one of India’s most celebrated painters. The paintings depict scenes from Hindu mythology, history, and culture.
  • Check out the display of weapons and armory in the palace, which includes swords, daggers, rifles, pistols, cannons, and shields used by the royal army.
  • Enjoy the view of the gardens from the balconies and windows of the palace. The gardens have lush green lawns

Significance of Bangalore Palace

Bangalore Palace

The palace is not only a historical and architectural marvel, but also a cultural and social hub of the city. The palace hosts various events and functions throughout the year, such as concerts, exhibitions, weddings, and festivals. Some of the famous personalities who have performed or visited the palace include Elton John, The Rolling Stones, Deep Purple, Iron Maiden, David Guetta, Akon, and Amitabh Bachchan. The palace also serves as a venue for film shootings and photo shoots.


Q: How long does it take to visit the palace?

A: It takes about 2 to 3 hours to explore the palace and its surroundings.

Q: Is there a guide service available in the palace?

A: Yes, there is an audio guide service available in the palace, which is included in the entry fee. The audio guide provides information about the history and features of the palace in various languages.

Q: Is there a cafeteria or restaurant in the palace?

A: Yes, there is a cafeteria in the palace premises, which serves snacks and beverages. There are also several restaurants and eateries nearby the palace.

Q: Is photography allowed in the palace?

A: Yes, photography is allowed in the palace, but only with a camera fee. Video cameras are also allowed with a higher fee.


The Bangalore Palace is a must-visit attraction for anyone who wants to experience the royal heritage and culture of Bangalore. The palace offers a glimpse into the lives and times of the Wodeyar dynasty, who ruled Mysore for over five centuries. The palace also showcases the beauty and diversity of Indian art and architecture, with its blend of Tudor and Gothic styles with Indian elements.

The palace is a place where history meets modernity, where tradition meets innovation, and where elegance meets entertainment. The palace is a place where you can discover the past, enjoy the present, and imagine the future.👑

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