Significance of Devil’s Kitchen

Devils Kitchen: Famous Mysterious and Adventurous Cave in Kodaikanal

Devils Kitchen, also known as Guna Caves, is a group of caverns located between the Pillar Rocks and the Green Valley View in Kodaikanal, a hill station in Tamil Nadu. It is a natural and unique heritage site that attracts tourists who love nature, adventure and mystery. The caves are named after a Tamil movie called ‘Guna’ that was shot here in 1992. The caves are also associated with some myths and legends that add to their charm and intrigue. Visit during One Day Madurai to Kodaikanal Tour Package by Private Cab

Location of Devils Kitchen

Devils Kitchen is located on the outskirts of Kodaikanal, about 8.5 km away from the bus station and 1.5 km away from the Pillar Rocks. It can be reached by road from various parts of Kodaikanal and nearby towns. The caves are situated on a hilltop behind the Pillar Rocks, in the middle of a thick forest.

Timing/Entry Fees Devils Kitchen

Pine Forest

Devils Kitchen is open for visitors from 9 am to 4:30 pm every day. There is an entry fee of Rs. 5 per person and Rs. 10 for still camera. There is also a telescope house near the caves that charges Rs. 20 per person for a closer view of the valley and the landmarks.

How to Reach Devils Kitchen

Devils Kitchen can be reached by road from the Pillar Rocks road. There is a parking area near the entrance of the caves, where visitors can park their vehicles for a nominal fee. From there, visitors have to walk for about 400 meters to reach the hilltop, where the caves are located. The path to the caves goes through an exquisite pine forest with the roots of the trees emerging onto the ground giving a unique setting to the place.

Things to Do/Must See Devils Kitchen

Location of Pillar Rocks

There are many things to do and see at Devils Kitchen, such as:

  • Exploring: The main attraction of Devils Kitchen is exploring the caves that are hidden among the three huge boulders known as Pillar Rocks. The caves are dark and deep, with narrow passages and chambers. Some of them are filled with bats, while others have strange rock formations and stalactites. The caves are also said to be connected to each other by underground tunnels, but they are not accessible to visitors due to safety reasons.
  • Photography: Devils Kitchen is a photographer’s delight, as it offers stunning views of nature and its mysteries. The best time to capture the beauty of Devil’s Kitchen is during morning or evening, when the sunlight creates different effects on the rocks and the caves. One can also take pictures of the valley, the hills, the town and the lake below from the telescope house near the caves.
  • Shopping: Devils Kitchen is also a good place to shop for souvenirs, handicrafts, pottery, chocolates, spices and other local products. There are many stalls and shops near the caves that sell these items at reasonable prices. One can also bargain with the vendors and get good deals.

Devils Kitchen Nearby Tourist Attractions

Devils Kitchen

There are many other tourist attractions near Devils Kitchen that are worth visiting, such as:

  • Pillar Rocks: These are three vertical granite boulders that stand majestically at a height of about 400 feet. They offer spectacular views of the valley and the clouds below. They are also a popular spot for birdwatching and photography.
  • Green Valley View: This is a viewpoint that offers breathtaking views of the plains, the hills, the forests and the Vaigai Dam below. It is also known as Suicide Point due to its steep drop of about 5000 feet.
  • Pine Forest: This is a dense forest of pine trees that covers an area of about 320 acres. It offers a refreshing and serene atmosphere for visitors who love nature and peace. It is also a good place for camping, picnicking and horse riding.
  • Moir Point: This is a historical spot that marks the place where Sir Thomas Moir started building a road from Kodaikanal to Berijam Lake in 1929. It offers scenic views of the hills and the forests around.

Significance of Devil’s Kitchen

Devil’s Kitchen

Devil’s Kitchen is not only a tourist attraction, but also a source of wonder and curiosity for visitors who want to know more about its origin and secrets. It is a place that showcases the natural beauty and diversity of Kodaikanal’s landscape and climate. It is also a place that reflects the history and culture of Kodaikanal, as it was discovered by an English officer named B.S. Ward in 1821 CE, who also prepared the first map of Kodaikanal and its surroundings.


Q: How big is Devil’s Kitchen?

A: Devil’s Kitchen is a group of caverns that are located among the three huge boulders known as Pillar Rocks. The size and depth of the caves vary, but some of them are said to be about 100 feet deep.

Q: How old is Devil’s Kitchen?

A: Devil’s Kitchen is a natural and ancient site that was formed by the erosion of the rocks over millions of years. It was discovered by an English officer named B.S. Ward in 1821 CE, who also prepared the first map of Kodaikanal and its surroundings.

Q: What is the best time to visit Devil’s Kitchen?

A: Devil’s Kitchen can be visited throughout the year, as the climate is pleasant and moderate. However, the peak season is from April to June and from September to October, when the weather is clear and sunny.


Devil’s Kitchen is a must-visit destination for anyone who loves nature, adventure and mystery. It is a place where one can explore, admire and learn. It is a place where one can experience the charm and spirit of Kodaikanal.

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