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Kozhikode Beach: A Lively and Beautiful Destination in Kerala

Kozhikode Beach is a popular beach in Kerala, India, that attracts tourists and locals alike. It is also known as Calicut Beach, as it is located in the city of Kozhikode (also known as Calicut), which is the historical and cultural capital of Malabar. Kozhikode Beach is a lively and beautiful destination that offers a variety of attractions and activities for visitors of all ages and interests. In this article, we will explore some of the features and attractions of Kozhikode Beach that make it a must-visit place for travelers. Visit during One Day Calicut Local Sightseeing Trip by Private Cab

Location/ Timing / Entry Fees of Kozhikode Beach

Kozhikode Beach

Kozhikode Beach is located about 2 km from the city center of Kozhikode, on the Arabian Sea coast. It is easily accessible by road, rail, and air. The nearest airport is Calicut International Airport, which is about 28 km away. The nearest railway station is Kozhikode Railway Station, which is about 3 km away. There are also buses and auto-rickshaws available from the city to the beach.

The beach is open to visitors from 6 am to 10 pm every day. There is no entry fee for visiting the beach. However, there may be charges for parking, boating, and other activities.

How to Reach Kozhikode Beach

Kozhikode Beach

There are several ways to reach Kozhikode Beach from the city. One of the most convenient and scenic ways is to take a walk along the beach road, which starts from the Mananchira Square and ends at the beach. The walk takes about 30 minutes and offers a panoramic view of the sea and the skyline. The beach road also has some landmarks and monuments along the way, such as the CSI Cathedral, the Commonwealth War Cemetery, the Gandhi Statue, etc.

Another way to reach Kozhikode Beach is to take a bus from the KSRTC bus stand or the Moffusil bus stand in the city. There are frequent buses that ply between the city and the beach. The bus fare is Rs. 10 per person and the journey takes about 15 minutes.

Alternatively, one can also hire a taxi or an auto-rickshaw from the city to the beach. The taxi fare may vary depending on the distance and traffic, but it usually ranges from Rs. 100 to Rs. 200. The auto-rickshaw fare may be around Rs. 50 to Rs. 100.

Things to Do / Must See in Kozhikode Beach

Kozhikode Beach

Kozhikode Beach offers a variety of activities and attractions for visitors of all ages and interests. Some of the things to do and must see at Kozhikode Beach are:

  • Enjoy the sun, sand, and sea: Kozhikode Beach is a clean and spacious beach that is ideal for relaxing, sunbathing, swimming, and playing. The beach has soft sand and calm water that create a soothing atmosphere. The beach also has some rocky formations that add to its charm. One can also enjoy the sunset and sunrise views from the beach.
  • Visit the historical monuments: At one end of the beach, there are two historical monuments that commemorate the maritime history of Kozhikode. One is a stone pillar that marks the spot where Vasco da Gama landed in 1498, opening up a new trade route between India and Europe. The other is a lighthouse that was built in 1907 by the British, which offers a splendid view of the sea and the city.
  • Explore the marine aquarium: Near the beach, there is a marine aquarium that showcases a variety of aquatic life forms, such as fish, crabs, turtles, corals, etc. The aquarium is open from 8 am to 8 pm every day and charges Rs. 10 per person for entry.
  • Enjoy the children’s park: Next to the aquarium, there is a children’s park that has some swings, slides, seesaws, etc., for kids to have fun. The park also has some benches and trees for adults to relax.
  • Watch the musical fountain: In front of the aquarium and park, there is a musical fountain that operates from 6 pm to 8 pm every day. The fountain displays colorful lights and water jets that dance to music.
  • Taste the street food: Kozhikode Beach has some eateries and stalls that serve delicious street food, especially seafood. One can savor the flavors of Kerala dishes such as kallumakkaya (mussels), karimeen (pearl spot fish), kozhi porichathu (fried chicken), etc., at reasonable prices.
  • Try some adventure sports: For those who are looking for some thrill and excitement, Kozhikode Beach offers some adventure sports such as parasailing, jet skiing, banana boat ride, etc. These activities are conducted by trained professionals and charge nominal fees.

Significance of Kozhikode Beach

Kozhikode Beach

Kozhikode Beach is not only a scenic destination but also a historical one. It is here that Vasco da Gama landed in 1498, marking the beginning of the European colonization of India. He was welcomed by the Zamorin (the ruler of Kozhikode) and his people, who were impressed by his gifts and goods. Vasco da Gama also established a trade route between India and Europe, opening up new opportunities and challenges for both regions.

Kozhikode Beach is also a cultural hub, as it reflects the diversity and harmony of Kerala. The beach is home to people of different religions, languages, and traditions, who coexist peacefully and respectfully. The beach also hosts various festivals and events that showcase the rich heritage and art of Kerala.


Q: Is Kozhikode Beach safe for swimming?

A: Yes, Kozhikode Beach is safe for swimming, as it has shallow water and lifeguards. However, one should always follow the safety instructions and avoid swimming during high tide or rough weather.

Q: What are the best times to visit Kozhikode Beach?

A: The best times to visit Kozhikode Beach are from October to March, when the weather is pleasant and cool. The summer months from April to June can be hot and humid, while the monsoon months from July to September can be rainy and windy.

Q: What are some other attractions near Kozhikode Beach?

A: Some other attractions near Kozhikode Beach are:
Kappad Beach: A beautiful beach that is famous for its historical significance, as it is where Vasco da Gama landed in 1498.
Beypore Beach: A serene beach that is famous for its fishing harbor and shipbuilding industry. It is also a good place to buy handicrafts made of wood and coir.
Thusharagiri Falls: A scenic waterfall that is located about 50 km from Kozhikode Beach. It is a good place for trekking, camping, and birdwatching.


Kozhikode Beach is a perfect destination for those who want to experience the history, culture, and nature of Kerala. It is a place where one can enjoy the beauty of the beach, the charm of the monuments, the diversity of the people, the taste of the cuisine, and the thrill of the sports. Kozhikode Beach is a place that will leave you with unforgettable memories and impressions.

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