Palasdari Waterfall

Palsdari Waterfall: Famous Splendid Sight near Karjat

Palsdari Waterfall, also known as Palusa Waterfall, is a magnificent cascade of water that falls from a height of about 40-50 feet in the famous tourist attraction in Karjat region of Maharashtra. The waterfall is nestled amidst lush green hills and forests, creating a picturesque scenery that attracts nature lovers and adventure seekers alike. The waterfall is a popular spot for trekking, bathing and picnicking, especially during the monsoon season when the water flow is abundant and refreshing. Visit during Mumbai to Karjat One day Trip by cab

Location of Palsdari Waterfall

Palsdari Waterfall

Palsdari Waterfall is located near the village of Palsdari, about 10 km from Karjat railway station on the Central Railway line. The waterfall is accessible by a 4 km easy trek from Palsdari railway station, which takes about an hour to complete. The trek passes through fields, orchards and temples, offering scenic views of the surroundings. The waterfall is also reachable by road from Karjat or Mumbai via NH 48 and SH 79. Karjat is a popular tourist destination that has many historical and natural attractions, such as Kondana Caves, Bhivpuri Waterfall and Ulhas Valley.

Timing / Entry Fees Palsdari Waterfall

Bhivpuri Waterfall

The waterfall is open to visitors from sunrise to sunset throughout the year. There is no entry fee for visiting the waterfall, but visitors are expected to maintain cleanliness and respect the sanctity of the place. Photography is allowed near the waterfall, but flash photography is prohibited.

How to Reach Palsdari Waterfall

Palsdari Waterfall

The nearest railway station to reach Palsdari Waterfall is Karjat, which is well connected to Mumbai and Pune by local and express trains. From Karjat, one can hire a taxi or an auto-rickshaw to reach Palsdari railway station, which is the base point for the trek to the waterfall. Alternatively, one can drive to Palsdari railway station from Karjat or Mumbai via NH 48 and SH 79. Karjat is about 10 km from Palsdari railway station, and can be reached by train or road from Mumbai or Pune.

Things to Do / Must See Palsdari Waterfall


The main attraction of Palsdari Waterfall is the exhilarating view of the water gushing down from a cliff and creating a misty atmosphere. The waterfall forms a natural pool at its base, where visitors can swim and splash around. The water is clean and safe for bathing, but visitors are advised to be careful of slippery rocks and strong currents.

Apart from bathing, visitors can also enjoy trekking and picnicking in the vicinity of the waterfall, which provide a closer encounter with nature and wildlife. The area has various trekking trails that lead to nearby attractions such as Palasdari Dam, Shree Swami Samarth Maharaj Akkalkot Ashram and Kondana Caves. These places offer spiritual and cultural insights into the region, as well as panoramic views of the Sahyadri mountains and valleys.

Another activity that visitors can indulge in near Palsdari Waterfall is birdwatching, as the area supports a rich flora and fauna, including various species of birds, butterflies and flowers. The area is home to many endemic and migratory birds, such as kingfishers, egrets, herons, hornbills, flycatchers and sunbirds.

Significance of Palsdari Waterfall

Palsdari Waterfall is a significant tourist destination in Maharashtra, as it showcases the natural beauty and diversity of the state. The waterfall is a part of the Western Ghats, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a biodiversity hotspot. The waterfall also provides a source of water for the nearby towns and villages, as well as hydroelectric power for Mumbai. The waterfall also has a historical significance, as it was known as Padusdhurree during the British Raj time.


What is the best time to visit Palsdari Waterfall?

The best time to visit Palsdari Waterfall is during or after the monsoon season (July to September), when the water flow is maximum and the weather is pleasant.

How long does it take to explore Palsdari Waterfall?

It takes about 2-3 hours to explore Palsdari Waterfall in detail, depending on one’s interest and pace.

Are there any facilities available near Palsdari Waterfall?

There are no facilities such as food stalls, restrooms or shops near Palsdari Waterfall, so visitors are advised to carry their own snacks, water bottles and essentials. There are some small eateries and shops in Palsdari village, where one can buy basic items or refreshments.

Are there any guides available at Palsdari Waterfall?

There are no official guides available at Palsdari Waterfall, but some local villagers may offer their services for a nominal fee. However, visitors can also explore the waterfall on their own, as there are signboards and information boards that explain the features and history of the waterfall.


Palsdari Waterfall is a splendid sight near Karjat that offers a serene escape from the city. The waterfall is a splendid sight to behold, as it displays the splendor of nature in its full glory. The waterfall is also a great place to enjoy activities such as bathing, trekking and birdwatching, which add to the fun and excitement. Palsdari Waterfall is a must-visit for anyone who loves nature, art and adventure.

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